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LHUPL recognises its social responsibility and has a commitment to supporting activities which benefit the coastal community and the development of Namibia in line with Namibia’s Millennium Development Goal. The initiatives, undertaken during the reporting period summarised below, focused on education, health, sport and youth development, environmental projects and feeding programmes.


  • A principal sponsor with a further five year agreement made in April 2015 to support the Mondesa Youth Opportunities (MYO) organisation. MYO provides educational assistance in the areas of English, mathematics and computer skills to students drawn from the disadvantaged areas around Swakopmund.
  • Providing support to the Namibia’s 11th National Mathematics Congress with a donation of N$250,000. The purpose of the Congress is to improve the standard of mathematics education across Namibia by upgrading the knowledge and skills of teachers and students.
  • Sponsoring N$220,000 for students to attend the Mathematics Support and Enrichment Programme which focuses on the development of mathematical process skills for secondary students.
  • Donating N$70,000 towards supporting various performance recognition initiatives of local primary and secondary schools, the University of Science and Technology, as well as the Regional Teachers Awards hosted by the Regional Directorate of Education, Arts & Culture.
  • The mine also supported the Annual National Debating Championships with sponsorship of N$20,000



  • Sponsorship of N$1.2M to the Gobabeb Research and Training Centre over a 5 year period. The funds will assist the Centre in its running its internship Programme to train 20 environmental students over a five year period. The students are tasked with designing and implementing original, independent research projects focused on the management and restoration of degraded ecosystems.
  • Continuation a five year training internship programme, which commenced in 2015, for four Namibian environmental graduates for the Namib Ecological Restoration and Monitoring Unit (NERMU).


  • Two feeding programmes for disadvantaged children in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. During the year, N$330,000 was invested in the two schemes
  • The employee charitable organisation, which was involved in the fourth annual Charity Golf Day held in Namibia, organised by local employees raising N$150,000 with the funds  distributed equally between three charity organisations focussing on less privileged children in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.
  • Sponsorship of the Blue Waters Sports Club youth development programme to provide equipment, transport and financial backing to young potential sports stars particularly for cricket and football (soccer). During the financial year, N$250,000 was invested in this programme with an additional N$81,500 invested in other various short term sports development and promotion activities.
  • LHU supported vegetable production projects in the Omaheke region with N$24,000 spent to support of the additional potential household food security assistance

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