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ASX Announcements

ASX share price PDN A$0.12

TradeTech U3O8: Spot US$25.25/lb | long term US$32.00/lb

ASX Announcements

Date Announcement
16th September 2019 Share Purchase Plan Cleansing Notice View
13th September 2019 Reinstatement to Official Quotation View
13th September 2019 Placement Successfully Completed View
13th September 2019 Suspension from Official Quotation View
11th September 2019 Equity Raising Presentation View
11th September 2019 Placement and Share Purchase Plan View
11th September 2019 Trading Halt View
3rd September 2019 Investor Presentation View
27th August 2019 Corporate Governance Statement 2019 View
27th August 2019 2019 Annual Report View
27th August 2019 Appendix 4G View
20th August 2019 Update - Noteholder Consent - Kayelekera Sale View
8th August 2019 Update - Noteholder Consent - Kayelekera Sale View
23rd July 2019 Noteholder Consent Sale of 85% Interest in Kayelekera Mine View
18th July 2019 Appendix 5B - 30 June 2019 View
18th July 2019 Quarterly Activities Report for Period Ending 30 June 2019 View
15th July 2019 Paladin Welcomes US Decision on Uranium Quotas View
5th July 2019 Appendix 3B - SARs View
24th June 2019 Paladin to Sell Kayelekera Interest View
13th June 2019 Appointment of new Chief Financial Officer View
23rd April 2019 Response to Market Speculation - Capital Raising View
18th April 2019 Appendix 5B View
18th April 2019 Quarterly Activities Report for Period Ending 31 March 2019 View
2nd April 2019 Appendix 3Y - Change of Director's Interest Note View
29th March 2019 Appendix 3B - SARs View
8th March 2019 S&P DJI Announces March 2019 Quarterly Rebalance View
6th March 2019 Toronto Canada Roadshow Presentation View
26th February 2019 Appendix 4D Financial Report Half Year Ended 31 December 18 View
26th February 2019 Board Approves Langer Heinrich Restart Prefeasibility Study View
26th February 2019 December 2018 Half Year Results Presentation View
19th February 2019 Tenement Listing 31 December 2018 View
8th February 2019 Half Year Conference Call and Investor Update - 27 Feb 19 View
30th January 2019 Form 604 Notice of Change of Interests of Substantial Holder View
18th January 2019 Appendix 5B View
17th January 2019 Quarterly Activities Report for Period Ending 31 Dec 2018 View
9th January 2019 Appendix 3B - Late Lodgement View